Sitatapatra Sadhana

-Ven. Karma Thinley Rinpoche




        Namo Shakyamunaye

            This is the Sadhana of the wrathful form of Kukarmo, the White Robed one, consort of Amitayus. Whoever does her practice will be reborn in Amitabha's Pure land. In order to conquer and subdue Mahakalas and Mahakalis, Shakyamuni Buddha emanated her from his crown protrusion (ushnisha); therefore her special activity is pacifying black spells. Her sutra and mantra emanate from the Buddha's ushnisha, rather than through His speech, and accordingly her name is White Ushnisha. The deity is classified as belonging to the Kriya Yoga tradition, but the manner of explanation and practice belongs to the Mahayoga. Great mahasiddhas, Dze Tari, Dorje Denpa and so on composed her sadhanas, which are easy to practice and this one is similar to them. Also, there is a Nyingma lineage from Garab Dorje, through Manjusrimitra to Vimalamitra. Besides, there is a Dharma treasure found by Guru Black Blood-Drinker (Tib: Trang tung Ngagpo). One sadhana lineage source is the 'Book of the Ocean of Sadhanas", and another originates in the "Book of One Hundred Sadhanas", both Sanskrit sources. In Tibet, one lineage originates with the Karmapas, Tongwa Donden and Wangchuck Dorje. There are others, but this is one of the correct Tibetan sources. This sadhana is epitomized from all the above. Why is it an attractive practice" It is easy to practice, and there are great blessings. It cures illness and pacifies harmful don (evil spirits which cause harm to living beings) and black spells. It stops all evil forces, and blocks the malevolent Tay Nin of "order to Bury Under" spell. All these threats are eliminate by her power, which is like a diamond sword. Whoever among you wants to be born in Amitabha's Pure Land, know what that practicing her sadhana is like flying to the pureland riding on the back of the king of birds, the Garuda.


      All phenomena are empty, beyond thought and word. A white umbrella, marked with the letter Om, transforms;

I arise, complete at the recollection

The union  of pledge being (Skt: samaya sattva) and wisdom being (Skt. Jnana sattva) Dorje Tsuk Tor (Skt. Vajra Ushnisha) from of the great expeller.

(She has) one thousand heads. Facing forward are two hundred

white faces, joyful in expression.

Facing to the right are two hundred yellow faces, laughing with deep wrath.

Facing behind are two hundred red faces of glorious and critical expression.



Facing to the left are two hundred green faces, peaceful and gazing with compassion.

Above are two hundred blue faces of undaunted and extremely wrathful expression. Each face has three eyes; each head bears a vajra on top.

Her body is white-colored and covered with a hundred thousand million eyed.

She looks sideways out of her wide open eyes;

Her glance darts quick as lightning.

She has five hundred right hands and five hundred left hands;

Each one holds a very sharp flaming sword that cuts

though hindrance at a mere thought.

Her five hundred right legs are outstretched, stepping on all forms of danger.

Her five hundred legs are flexed with the feet drawn inwards, stepping on

the forms of harmful spirits. Above, seven million Buddhas crown her head.

At the pinnacle. seven white umbrellas rotate, one above the other.

From every single hair, the flames and light rays of Jnana shoot out.

She is garbed in heavenly finery and arrayed with a combination of peaceful and wrathful ornaments. Vairocana Buddha marks her forehead; in His heart is a white Om. Amitabha Buddha marks her throat; in His heart is a red AH:

   Vajrasattva marks her solar plexus; in his heart is a blue Hung.

Around a white OM, which stands on a moon disk in the center of heart, the mantra rotates, emitting light which removes all defilements and hindrances and provides strength and power. Her upper teeth are the Ten wrathful Male deities; her lower teeth are the Ten wrathful Female deities. The hairs of her mustache are all aflame; her tongue is a sharp razor.

 In her throat, the sun and moon are rising, and her body exudes a fiery force all about her. All who harm or threaten are reduced to ashes amidst the foul odour of burning flesh. If you cannot memorize the above, just do it mentally.

Even Guru Black Drinker says that, just thinking of her and meditating upon her, one is freed from black spells like "Order to Bury Under" and "Speech Binding" curses. The following lines musty be prayed aloud.

Hung! Vajra Ushnisha, great expeller and destroyer of hindrance,

Great One, possessing one thousand arms,

Great One, possessing one thousand heads,

Great One, possessing one hundred million eyes, You are decorated all over with flaming, invisible vajras.

Great conquers of vast vajra powers, the mandala of the three realms of the earth belong to you. Protect for all time, ourselves, our property and all in our circle.

Day and night, protect us, I supplicate.

From myself and those under my protection, from our body, speech and mind, and from all those who are harmed, oppressed or bound by black spells: Be gone! Be gone! Literate! Literate!

If your previous practice of virtue was weak, your name unfortunately may have been included in a Buddhist or Bonpo black spell ceremony, without your warranting it; consequently, even now, sickness and many hindrances trouble you all the time. Even if you are mindful of death and urgently want to practice the Dharma, you can't find the time to practice correctly and thoroughly.

      The time of death is uncertain where one will go, but it is certain that great suffering awaits one in any of the six destinations. Whoever can keep these in mind, please, practice this secret oral teaching. In the past, Dharma king Dusum Delson invited a hundred scholars from the central and outlying areas of India to come to Tibet. As they translated the Kangyur and the Tengyur, they searched for a prayer of special benefit which would block hexes cast against the king. They found none more powerful than the above sadhana in the Kangyur; they found more better in the whole Tripitaka. Everyone performed this sadhana for the king and although many curses were pronounced against him, they never succeeded. The Indian Mutik, the Chinese Hashang, the Tibetan Bonpo, and so on, cast spells on him, but he was never harmed. Through this mantra, the practitioner receives the merit and blessings of the countless millions of Buddhas, while the five limitless sins and all prosperity and energy increase. When the moment of death arrives, one is reborn immediately in Dewachen. With an end to his hindrances in the life, and the achievement of a rebirth in the pureland in the next, he approaches the attainment of Buddhahood, never more to return to samsara. So I. Raga Ase, composed this sadhana of the Great one for myself and for all others, according to the doctrine (sutra) and the secret teachings (mengnade).

         It was written down by Pema Tarchen. If there is incorrect spelling in the mantra or other mistakes, I repent before those of the open wisdom eye. Through this merit, may I free all sentient beings from their hindrances, enabling them to be reborn in the Buddhafield of Great Bliss. There may they accomplish immeasurable benefit for others. Mangalam.

You, who emanate from the sugata's ushnisha,

You remove the hindraces to the Sugata's doctrine.

You bestow happiness and the fruit of achievement.

Sugata, While Umbrella, in your kindness bring us so good luck!

     Corrected, supplemented and translated by the Vajra Acharya, Lama Karma Thinley Rimpoche, assisted by Barbara Zivolak and the Sung Rab Committee. The present text is edited with the kind permission of Mr. Sridhar Rana.

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