Vol 1. No. 1 Summer 1988

Table of Contents

  1. Life and Teachings of Arya Nagarjuna

  2. Pratityasamutpada Hrdayakarika and auto commentary of Nagarjuna

  3. Tantric Buddhism-Enhancement or Degeneration From the viewpoint of Tibetan Perspective
    By Dr. Jeffrey Hopkins

  4. Love and Compassion
    By Ven. Sonam Gyaltsen

  5. The Four Summaries of the Buddha Dharma
    By Ven. Chos-kyi Nima Rinpoche

  6. Jamacho: Nagarjuna Hill [A Buddhist Pilgrim site in Kathmandu]
    By Prof T.C. Majupuria

  7. Symbolism of Animals in Buddhism
    By Ven. Jampa Choskyi

  8. Arya Anityata Sutram








    Cover: Acarya Nagarjuna


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