Vol 8. No. 1 & 2   1997

Table of Contents

  1. Atisha's Arrival in Nepal
    By Hubert Decleer

  2. Hodgson's Blind Alley ?
    On the So Called School of Nepalese Buddhism
    By David Gellner: Oxford University

  3. On the Decorative Sytle of Buryat Buddhist Art
    By Badmazapov

  4. Himalayan Frontier Trade:
    Newar Diaspora Merchants and Buddhism
    By Prof. Todd Lewis, Center for Oriental and African Studies

  5. Humanistic Momentum in the Buddhist Literature
    By Dr. Bandana Mukhopadhyaya, The Asiatic Society, Calcutta

  6. A Note on Sristikanta Lokeshvara
    By Min Bahadur Shakya

  7. A Hymn to Aryavalokiteshvara
    Trans. by Min Bahadur Shakya

  8. Legend of Mahakala
    By Ven. Lama Lodru

  9. Sanskrit Text of Mahakala Sadhana
    By Dibya Vajra Vajracharya



Cover:  Six Syllabled Lokeshvara















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